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Meet Bolt, Ginger & Zola - Hlekani's Mascot's

Meet Woollie - Hlekani's mascot, the history about Woollie is that whilst they were filling the dam at Zenzulu she decided that this would be a prime spot for her to settle. However everyone would jump in the dam for a swim and it wasn't until the game capture helicopter flew over that a message was sent to say they were swimming with a crocodile. Everyone got a scare but no one was bitten!


Rick, the old owner, started feeding her sausages from Woolworths, which is where she got the name Woollie, she would speed across the dam to eat the sausages and also eggs that the owners used to roll down the hill to her.

They only realised she was a female when she laid 3 eggs on the grass in front of the lodge which was her first batch but sadly they didn't hatch as being a baby herself still - she never knew how to bury them or look after them! 

When new staff came to work at Zenzulu, being the friendly crocodile she is,  she would go to their rooms and check them out and their smell, often leaving a footprint outside the staff quarters, very funny! 

We guess she currently would be between ages of 13-15 years now but when Steve Sturlese bought the Lodge he decided chickens were the way to go, so Woollie loved having Steve around!

Steve then decided that he would take Woollie to the Hlekani lodge, where she would have a dam made just to suit her and a bit more privacy, since then, Woollie greets Steve most mornings, waiting for her chicken and he loves connecting with the wildlife - so nothing suits Steve more than a tame-not-so-tame crocodile at his doorstep, who has become his best friend.


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