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Hlekani Homestead

Game Drives

Hlekani aims to give our guests the best experience possible in the African bush. Game drives are done twice daily in an open sides land cruisers with one of our experienced and knowledgeable rangers, each drive affords our guests the opportunity to stretch their legs and indulge in some coffee and biscuits, creating a more intimate game viewing experience while keeping your safety in mind.  These drives give our guests the best opportunity to be one with nature and encounter a range of birdlife and game as the reserve has a large traversing area. 


Game drives on the reserve are regulated by the reserve and coordinated by the ecotourism businesses to reduce the impact on the environment as well as the stress levels on the wildlife, therefore preserving the land.


Each outing has a customised route, depending on what has been seen throughout the day. Each vehicle is equipped with blankets for warmth during the evening drives as well as a stop off with drinks and eats, where you get to see the nocturnal species in their natural environment.


Since Hlekani prides itself as a family inclusive homestead we are very accommodating to include children of all ages on the drive. This decision is purely based on the parents’ discretion however caution is taken at sightings as consideration to other vehicles will take priority and will be gauged and decided by the game ranger.


We encourage children of all ages to have an enjoyable and exciting experience. While the preservation and conservation of wildlife is in our hands, we will one day have to pass on this legacy to our children and these experiences which we are privileged enough offer will hopefully ignite and passion to continue the protection of Africa’s wildlife.


Drive, Explore and Remember



Bird Watching



Elephant Interaction
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